Left Leaf Building Design & Remodeling Services Right Leaf

JD Designs ServicesJD Designs provides a full range of building design services. We can also secure engineers, contractors and any other outside consultants required so that you have a single point of contact for your entire project.

Our services include:

  • Full design from kitchen and bathroom remodels to new custom homes
  • Designs in various architectural styles, including historical design compatibility
  • Master planning for large projects to be built in stages
  • Planning Department interface for projects that require special design approval or variances
  • Creation of permit-ready construction documents
  • Title 24 energy calculations
  • Referrals to appropriate contractors based on client needs and scope of work
  • Providing outside consultants for structural/civil engineering, soils investigation and land surveying

Left Leaf How We Work Right Leaf

Because we have a thorough knowledge of the construction process and associated costs, we focus on ensuring that our designs reflect both customer specifications and construction feasibility. Here are the steps in a typical project:

  1. Meet with client to evaluate project, define scope of work, verify feasibility, and compare scope of work to construction budget.
  2. Prepare contract and outline fees to complete permit-ready plans. Check and verify local zoning codes.
  3. Upon acceptance of contract, measure "as-built" floor plan and site.
  4. Design first draft of project design and present to client.
  5. Meet with client to review feedback and revise design as necessary.
  6. Meet with prospective contractor to ensure that design will fit within construction budget. Modify plan accordingly, if required.
  7. Obtain any special design approval required from local Planning Department.
  8. Prepare construction documents. If required, engage structural engineer and/or other outside consultants.
  9. Send out final plans for final bids.
  10. Submit plans to local building department for plan check/approval for permits.